Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy Baker

We had a very busy day yesterday!  We met Riley, Sydney, Kendall and Courtney at the pool (and their mommies Georgia and Lori.)  Finley had so much fun playing in the splash pad area, she especially loved the slide.  She even wanted to go on the big slide for older kids.  She was really insistent, luckily, it was closed for cleaning.  She had such a good time pushing baby Sydney around in her float, even though sometimes she would wander a little too far off with her.  After the pool, we headed over to Lori's for a "Chickafila" lunch.  Shockingly, Finley only at the fruit, all but the apples.  Struck me as very strange, but I figured she was tired from all the pool fun.  We headed home for a nap, I thought she would get a good one in.  She slept for less than an hour and woke up grumpy, so I figured we needed some hands on activity to occupy her.  I decided we would make some chocolate banana bread.  I had never made it before and it doesn't need a mixer, so Finley could do everything herself.  She was so good!  She only had one little spill, that I made a million times worse trying to clean up.  She was much gentler with the stirring and didn't try to eat the plain flour once. I cannot wait to decorate Christmas cookies with her this year.

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